Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s

Ask your local electrical contactor
When is it time to call an Electrician?

Whenever you have an electrical problem. It’s of no inconvenience to us to provide the reassurance you need. Besides, more often than not more frequently tripping circuit breakers, flickering lights, faulty wiring, etc., warrant our immediate attention.

How do I know what size Electrical Service System I need for my property?

Conducting an electrical inspection for this particular issue could help. Through this process, we can determine how much energy you're using in any given part of your home and then recommend the correct circuits on your particular service. Contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.

Can I do Electrical work on my own?

You could, but should you? If you don't know what you're doing or know the current electrical code and safety standards, this could cause a lot of unwanted and unnecessary trouble. With Electric, this can and often times is dangerous, ranging from fire hazard to death. Doing it yourself, you're also liable for damages and injuries. It's not really worth the risk when you can contact First Choice Electric, LLC and know that we're licensed Master Electricians, and Insured for your protection all at a fair price.

What is a Surge Protector, and do I need one?

A surge protector is a piece of equipment that suppresses the excess voltage in your system to prevent it from causing harm to your appliances and devices. We definitely recommend getting some to protect your appliances and devices from power surges.

What should I do if my Breaker Panel is hot?

You should call us and have the issue determined sooner than later. This typically represents an influx of energy consumption present and your service may not be equipped to handle this. Which can result from older services needing to be upgraded, loose connections inside the panel, etc. This can be a serious problem and you should have someone who knows what they're doing check it out for you.