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Light Fixture Installations

Transform Your Space with Exceptional Lighting Solutions - Illuminate your home or business with professional light fixture installations to bulb & ballast replacement from First Choice Electric. As industry specialists, we provide innovative lighting solutions that enhance your space's aesthetics while ensuring functionality. Our wide range of services includes everything from LED conversions and track lighting to ambient under-cabinet lights, helping you create the perfect lighting atmosphere for any room. Discover the difference professional lighting can make to your space today!

  • Standard Lighting Systems:

    We install traditional lighting systems that complement your décor while providing efficient illumination. Perfect for any room in your home or office.

  • Custom Lighting Systems:

    Our team designs and installs custom lighting setups tailored to your specific needs and aesthetic preferences, transforming your space into a well-lit haven.

  • Lighting Layouts:

    We provide lighting layouts that optimize the distribution of light in your space, enhancing functionality and ambiance.

  • Track Lighting:

    Add a modern touch to your interiors with our track lighting installations. Ideal for highlighting artworks, architectural details, or creating a focused workspace.

  • New Light Fixtures:

    Upgrade your interior design with our new light fixture installations. From chandeliers to pendant lights, we install a wide range of styles and designs.

  • Retrofitting:

    Update your existing lighting system to a more energy-efficient solution. Retrofitting reduces energy usage without compromising the quality of light.

  • LED Lighting:

    Experience the benefits of energy efficiency and longevity with our LED lighting installations. Great for both residential and commercial settings.

  • Recessed Lighting:

    Our team installs recessed lighting for a clean, sleek look. These lights are perfect for rooms with low ceilings or areas where you want subtle illumination.

What types of light fixtures do you install?

We install a wide range of light fixtures including recessed lighting, chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, track lighting, under cabinet lighting, and LED conversions, among others.

I want to switch to LED lighting. Can you help with that?

Absolutely! We specialize in LED conversions and can help you transition your home or business lighting to energy-efficient LEDs.

Can I install a light fixture myself?

While some minor lighting projects may be suitable for DIY, most light fixture installations should be carried out by a professional electrician to ensure safety and proper functionality.

How long does it take to install a light fixture?

The time it takes to install a light fixture can vary greatly depending on the type of fixture and the specific installation location. During our initial consultation, we'll be able to give you a more accurate estimate.

Can you install smart light fixtures?

Yes, we can install smart light fixtures that can be controlled via your smartphone or through voice commands with smart home devices. Enhance your home or business with modern, convenient lighting control.

Do you offer outdoor lighting solutions?

Yes, we do. We provide a range of outdoor lighting services to illuminate your exterior spaces beautifully and effectively. Whether it's patio lighting, pathway lights, or security lights, we've got you covered.

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James S.

did it in a timely manner and cleaned up when he was finished

David L.

Could not have asked for a better experience. Will hire again.

Jeff B.

I Have used them twice

John G.

I highly recommend First Choice for your electrical needs!

William C.

We will use this company whenever a electrical issue arise

Heidi C.

Highly recommend!

Bill M.

Very professional

Andrea W.

The job was done perfectly!!

Betsy B.

Replaced Lighting Fixtures

William J.

Light fixture installation, Electrical outlet & switch installation

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