In the heart of our community, the First Choice Home Heartbeat Initiative stands as a beacon of progress and safety. Our groundbreaking Electrical Upgrade Program is designed to transform the lives of homeowners by offering free electrical panel upgrades, ensuring every home is not just a place of comfort but also a safe haven.

Post-Thanksgiving, one homeowner is chosen through a randomized draw. This process ensures every application received throughout the year is given equal consideration. Once a homeowner is selected, our team conducts an initial evaluation to confirm the home's eligibility. If a selected homeowner’s property does not meet the criteria, the draw is repeated, ensuring that the program benefits the most suitable applicant.

  • Are You Eligible?

    Eligibility for this program extends to homeowners with a 100 Amp service or an outdated/unsafe 200 Amp panel. In a unique twist of community spirit, homeowners with modern 200 Amp panels are also encouraged to participate by nominating other community members who meet the criteria. Applications are open year-round, with a selection process that epitomizes fairness and inclusivity - a randomized draw held annually after Thanksgiving. Participants must be in our legal service area: St. Charles, Warren, and Lincoln Counties. We hope to expand into more counties soon!

  • How to Apply:

    Applying for an electrical panel upgrade is easy! Simply fill out our online application form below and subscribe & follow us on these social media pages:




  • What We Cover:

    Our initiative covers all facets of the electrical upgrade process. From coordinating with utility companies to handling permits and inspections, we ensure a seamless transition to a safer and more efficient electrical system. Our team of licensed electricians and professionals works diligently to minimize disruptions, providing homeowners with a smooth and stress-free experience.

* If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this initiative, we warmly invite you to fill out our dedicated sponsorship form located at the bottom of this page. Your support is invaluable, and we've made the process seamless and straightforward for your convenience. Thank you for considering joining us in this endeavor. We look forward to potentially partnering with you.


Application and Eligibility
Who is eligible for the Electrical Upgrade Program?

Homeowners with a 100 Amp service or an outdated/unsafe 200 Amp panel. Modern 200 Amp panel owners can apply on behalf of eligible homeowners.

How do I apply for the program?

Apply through our online form or download and mail the form. Include information about you and your home's electrical system.

How often are electrical panel upgrades performed under this initiative?

We conduct one electrical panel upgrade per year under this program.

Is there a deadline for application submissions?

You can apply any time during the year via our online form. All applications received before the draw date (Monday after Thanksgiving) will be considered for that year's upgrade.

Can I apply on behalf of someone else?

Yes, if you know someone who meets the eligibility criteria but is unable to apply themselves, you can apply on their behalf. Please ensure you have their consent and necessary information to complete the application.

Selection Process
When and how are homeowners selected for the upgrade?

Homeowners are selected through a randomized draw after Thanksgiving each year. We accept applications throughout the year, and all applications received by the draw date are considered for selection.

What happens if I am selected?

If you are selected, we will contact you to confirm your interest and availability. Following this, we will conduct an initial evaluation of your current electrical service and panel to ensure your home is eligible for the upgrade.

What if the selected homeowner is not eligible?

If the initially selected homeowner's property does not meet our eligibility criteria, we will conduct another randomized draw to select a different homeowner. This process will be repeated until we find an eligible and interested homeowner.

What does the evaluation process involve?

The evaluation process involves inspecting your current electrical system to ensure it matches the eligibility criteria (either a 100 Amp service or an outdated/unsafe 200 Amp panel) and assessing the feasibility of the upgrade.

Upgrade Process and Services
Will my electricity be disrupted during the upgrade?

There will be a brief interruption in electrical service on the day of the upgrade. We will coordinate with you in advance to minimize any inconvenience.

Who performs the electrical upgrade?

The upgrades are carried out by licensed and experienced electricians who are trained to handle such installations safely and efficiently.